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As fast as the Internet is evolving, so is software development. So it is important to stay abreast of new technologies. Our solutions are modular component-based, cross-platform performant and portable at the same time. We serve your needs without a lot of confusion. We at Explido are able to create custom solutions addressing your needs even if you're dealing with a limited budget. We look for the best possible solution to expedite your requirements.

With over twenty years of hard experiencing building, dedication and forbearance we've defined ourselves as a leader in front row technologies within safe perimeter of the bleeding edge. Many new services have the desire to but lack the fundamental ability we've acquired through years of determined and focused acquisition.

The technique we employ is a form of "Extreme Programming", a proven method for fast, flexible development and reduced points of failure. We prefer platforms such as: Linux or UNIX(TM) based systems, but welcome the challenge of any other OS such as Windows. In fact our staff has delivered successful Windows applications for more then ten years. Our ever broadening cross-platform library allows us to develop server applications that run on a vast array of systems, including Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, SCO and Linux. We're a wise choice for your software needs.

Best Regards
Frank Gorgas-Waller

In addition we're proud of our commitment to the community by offering nonprofit organizations, reduced rates and limited, free consulting. Some commercial products we create are even free for private or nonprofit use.

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