Software for the people.

Computers are supposed to make our jobs easier but for real people learning to use one just might prove otherwise. This is why our Software is designed to be as simple as possible. Instead of spending a fortune on standard Software packages and training for your employees. We believe it is better to spend wisely on Software that does the job you want it to using the aspects you desire with a user friendly interface. Many people believe with standard software, such as: Microsoft Office one can solve all their problems but in reality using an application for the wrong task only creates a bigger problem. Do you know how many hours your employees spend to make software do what they need?

1999 a study from an independent computer magazine put text editing software on the bench. While experts provided by the manufacturers were at least able to perform all required tasks, even so the fastest one needed only half the time of the slowest one and delivered a better result, random picked users who worked with the programs day in and out were not even able to finish all required tasks. The more or less unexpected result was that using the newer more advanced program users and specialists alike were dazzled by the number of options and swamped with the complexity of use. As a result of this and other similar studies, new products like Office XP hide many of the options by default what might not be the silver bullet as well.

In 2000 another study showed that an employee spent an average of seven minutes to prepare a memo for distribution. The study also showed at the same time that same employee spends now more then ten times that amount of time due to the vast amount of user options. A Clear cut, specialized messaging system would serve to expedite this function and your performance would escalate.

Extensive features only make Software too complex to use. So how do you cope? You invest time and money for training then more money is used for additional software designed to help in the learning of the original software which... whew! only leads to additional training so you can finally use the program you originally purchased to save you was that time and money? or have you forgotten like me. Wow, what a waste! Obviously this isn't cost effective is it?
Bottom line: using custom tailored software, written expressly for your needs is the best way. It's an approachable way to effectual produce and manage your expenditures. It's not that the job can't be done without it, but it may be more difficult to master the job with a standard application than with a specialized one.

A simple example:
Let's take a nice spreadsheet Program like Microsoft Excel. Sure your Accounting Staff could use but most likely your going to be required to get Accounting Software designed right for that specific function. Why? Job proficiency and efficiency. This principle is the same for other tasks, as well you need only to think about it.

Easy software for easy tasks
Software created that addresses exactly what your needs to is good and will save a lot: time, money and resources. You know those things your usually lacking in anyway.


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