For a limited time we offer 1 Year of free remote service with our Linux Server setups.

In a recent "independent" study published by Microsoft™ . The researching institute claims that the Total Cost of Ownership for a Microsoft server over 5 years would be 10% less than for a Linux Server for the same time. Not even looking on the unrealistic spreading of the initial investment over five years, when everyone knows how much shorter the actual life expectancy of any Server in the last years was.

The main point of their arguing were the higher wages for Linux service personnel.
That can be fixed: we are so confident in the quality of our Linux server installations that we offer you 1 year of FREE remote service. That boils down to 0$/hour...

Yes, but what service can be done remotely... with Linux basically everything. While Windows systems usually need numerous reboots for updates and only come with limited remote access by default; every Linux server comes with encrypted remote administration capabilities and on-site service is only needed in cases of hardware failure or compromises.

This offer expires April 15 2003!