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Even so there are a lot of programms readyly available, they may not always fit your needs. Programms like Office Packages offer countless functions, actually most of them make it harder for normal users to get around and find the functions they really use, on the other hand they might not help you with tasks you need many times a day. Luckyly there are a lot of Solutions out there to accomodate those need. A good accountant might be able to keep your books on Excel, but a reasonable accounting Program might cut the time to half. So, it might be there is already that software out there that fits your need.
Perhaps the software that is out there is too expensive, where the actual purchase price is usually not the biggest factor in a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis. Perhaps it needs new special Hardware or is difficult to use or maintain, perhaps its not secure enough and opens up your server for every stranger. Perhaps your business idea is so new or so special that there simply is no software jet or the only software was developed by/for your competitor.

Don't worry, thats where we come in:
The first thing to do is analysing your need: There are several ways to do that, usually it involves watching the business process, meeting the responsible managers, perhaps workers and surely taking lots of notes. Based on this observations we will create a raw scetch of the tasks the new software would have to perform. After verifying the proposed operation of the Program, this draft can either be used for us to give you an estimate on the involved time, costs and risks or we can create a detailed specification from it, so you can shop around for competitor prices.

Depending on the required tasks we will suggest one or more Programming Languages and Platforms that seen adequate to realise the Project. Since we are not limited to one technologie or Platform we help you to get the best value for your money. We help you to avoid pitfalls in technologies like unreliable operating systems, error phrone databases or overly expensive hardware. With many years of experience and techniques like Extreme Programming we are able to create applications in a resonable time at as resonable costs.


XMLpen Extensions

There are still things to do. Even so XMLpen is made as a simple CMS, there are numerous ways it can be extended. If you like the functionality of XMLpen and you just want some enhancements give us a call, we have special low rates for XMLpen extensions, based on the idea that everyone provides a bit and the software gets better for all.


With XMLpen and other Projects we collected a lot of experience and ready to use modules for Web programming. With these tools we can offer you a quick start in this relatively new Field of Applications.

Cross Plattform

Like XMLpen you might want to run an application ao various different platforms. We make it possible our Cross Platform C++ Server library allows us to easyly create programms that run on Windows as good as on Number of Unices like (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX).


Software Development for Linux has become easyer and faster in the last years, with better tools and better Libraries, its not much more difficult than Windows development, there are even Libraries like QT that allow us to develop GUI applications that run on various platforms.


Unix is mostly used on Servers, that is one reason why our own library does fully support Unix, however we can write desktop software for Unix as well.


Windows is the Standard on the users desktop, even so it has a lot of weak points, no other OS is as commonly used. So if you want to distribute an application to you customers you most likely will have to go with Windows. And yes, we offer that as well, we even offer Windows database frontends for Linux or Unix Servers, a combination that can realy help you to cut costs and boost stability.

Internationalization / Localization

As you might have read Explido Software originated in Germany, so we not only have a lot of German contacts, but as well the knowledge to translate a program that you can only aquire when you are emerged into the other Culture.

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