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Do you need an IT specialist, but not all the time? Did you realize that even so every kid seems to know how to work computers nowadays, most people don't realy understand the nuts and bolts beneath the Windows Desktop, how to protect your server and how to configure that network.

We offer remote hands on service, basically just because it is so much more convinient, faster and cost efficient. You don't have to pay us for a house call, even so we offer that as well. You don't even have to wait for us to come out, most time we can help you in minutes while you wait. You sit in front of your machine, we just take over your desktop and you can watch or we teach you over the phone how to do it, whatever you like best. Depending on the required skills charges are $40/h-$90/h . We bill in 6min increments and for a minimum of 30min. So, each qualifying call will be billed for a multitude of 6min and when you use that service once within a month you will be billed for at least 30min for that month.

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