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To give you a better view of our work we opened up this section and may sometimes point you here, Information here is not going as much into detail as we could since these pages are more ment to be a help for decission makers and managers, not for programmers or geeks.

In the Web Site Section we tell you some things our competitors most likely tell you and why. Spending less on some features might not only save you money but gain some new customers. More about variours Web techniques.

Windows, Linux, Solaris and others. While in most bigger companies a hetherogeneous hardware environment is standard since PCs entered the first offices, in many small companies DOS and Windows PCs were the first and only to come. When the first Networks poped up in this offices it sure were Windows peer-to-peer Networks while bigger companies used Servers like Novel. Today many of these Networks are outdated and highthend security requirements and added functionality demands for a central Server. While many companies want to make you believe only a Windows Server will serve your Windows Network, we think everybody should know about the alternatives, its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the right Operating Systems for every Task.

Our Software Development section is supposed to tell you a bit over the techniques we use to create custom applications, our QA aproach and how we create a program in a fast, flexible and extensible way. Based onreusable modules and standard applications we can offer resonable prices for many types of applications.

Open Source are two words you hear more and more often since Linux took place two on the list of most used Operating Systems, but what do they realy mean to your business. What about the GNU and where exactly is the public domain.

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