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Have you been wondering why so many people open just the first page of your site? Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Your site takes to long to load! Even so some people have access to fast broadband connections with multimegabit uplinks, most surfers use plain old dial-up. In many areas, nothing else is availabe, in areas where DSL or Cable is available many people who do not surf that much stil might use it. Did you ever try to load your site form an other computer, preferably from one with a AOL or similar restricted connection. Will it come up? How long will it take for the entry page to load? How long does it take before the screen changes at all?


Simplify your site navigation. Usually it makes no sense to send a customer in circles who already knows what he wants but some sites seem to make as many intermediate pages as possible


Static vs. Dynamic

The simple factor: The slower the Site the faster the user looses interest. Most sites are designed without the total needed processing power in mind. Every active file you deliver draws 10 to 100 times as much power from the machine than a static file. To turn it the over way around the number of users your site can comfortably support is cut down by 90 to 99%. And that is a factor that is hard to overcome with faster hardware since a 10 to 100 times faster machine is usually not readily available. But there is even more to it: The greater delay and latency have their bad effects as well. The total speed of the site appears to be much slower even if the Server is not overloaded, since the server usually has to perform more IO actions per time. So if your software allows a mix of static an dynamic pages, that might b the way to go. Not every dynamic page can be made static and it would not make sense as well, but most images can be served static, because they still can be referenced dynamically..



Search engines are one of the big advantages the Internet has over conventional advertisement, while you never know if anyone will read your add, or at least one of your target group will, search engines bring people who are not insulted by your advertisement but peeked it out themselves. That alone should tell you that being listed in the search engines is one of the most important target you should achieve with your Web Site. Anyhow, most Site designers don't seem to care. Why, because you don't see it and it is work for them. a) Its much harder to design a page using design elements targeted to power your ranking and catch your eye. b) you usually will not see the difference unless you look into the "page source" c) Most current Software does not really support Searchengine friendly code. d) If you Webdesigner was trained on a design school he most likely knows much more about colors, spacings, attair and so on than on search engine friendly HTML. So they design a nice looking Site and perhaps go over it afterwards to improove the ranking somewhat...
Sorry, it does not work that way. Design and coding have to go Hand in Hand to produce a successfull Web Site.

When your Site is ready and your code is optimized for the search engines you can start to submit your Site to all Kinds of search engines. We use one of the oldest Programms available to do so. Actually the program is not the same anymore but the Company is around for years and produced the first Submission Software. But dont even think about starting Submission before your Site is in a good shape...


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