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Linux not only for Geeks anymore

Not so long ago Linux was seen as a toy for Nerds and Geeks and in some way it was that. You had to be a bit of both to even install it. A lot has changed since then, today there are Linux distributions that everyone can install within a few minutes and that will give you a working, fast, reliable, nearly unbreakable system for less than 50$, did I mention loaded with more software you will most likely ever need for a business. Compatibility systems allow you to use even some of your Windows programms like Microsoft(TM) office, of cause those are not included but stil you can use them now. Many large computer dealers now offer a Linux PC ready to run from the shelf. For business applications the initial cost is usually not the prime factor, but the TCO, even so for complex installations you might need a Linux specialist and Linux specialists seem to be more expensive or at least still harder to find.Coming back to TCO, in the long run Linux is much cheaper than Windows, lower hardware requirements let you work with the same PC longer, Software costs are usually lower and you are not forced to lease your software or switch every 2 years to a new Version. These are some of the reasons why more and more large companies, even the government switches more and more to Linux. For Servers Linux is already a factor you can not ignore anymore, even Microsoft is so scared that they started a campaign against Linux, unfortunately some of there claims sound like a bad joke for Linux professionals. E.g. Microsoft warns us that nobody signs responsible for Linux and OpenSource Software. In reality as soon as a security hole is spotted in Linux it is usually fixed within hours... Microsoft is know for sticking to its own timeframe it sometimes takes them years to fix a security hole.

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